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Periodical checks; Maintenance; Repairs

Periodic check, maintenance, repairs for:

Fire extinguishing systems with water, dry, foam ( sprinkler, open sprinkler, hydrants);

Fire extinguishing systems with water mist;

Fire pumping stations;

Fire extinguishing systems with inert gas, clean gases, technical gases: carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (GI-100), argon (IG-01), ProInert / argon (IG- 55) Inergen (IG-541) , FM200 (FE227ea), NOVEC-1230, ECARO (FE-25);

Tightness tests for enclosures protected with gas extinguishing systems (door fan test);

Chemical mixtures extinguishing installations (wet chemicals) for hoods and cooking equipment in industrial / professional kitchens;

Aerosol fire extinguishing installations;

Powder extinguishing installations (fixed and mobile);

Fire detection and alarm systems;

Smoke and hot gases exhausting systems.

Protect your facilities and enjoy the tranquility.

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