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FireDos proportioners for foam preparation stations and monitors for fire-fighting.

FireDos was designed to offer to the users, a safe powerful, efficient and friendly firefighting system.

FireDos is a foam proportioning concept based on a water motor coupled piston pump, an equipment through which the extinguishing fluids are added to water flowing through pipe or hose. In most cases the fluid is a concentrated foaming agent or a product what generates a gel. The products we provide are delivered either as stationary systems or for installation on a vehicle or as transportable installations.

Advantages to the classic foam proportioning systems (foam pump):

FireDos works independently of any source of outer power ( e.g. electricity ). The system is driven by water that flows through the extinguishing installation , water in which the extinguishing fluid will be mixed.

FireDos provides a proportion of the mixture that remains constant regardless of pressure, flow or fluctuation.

FireDos is available in a range of flow rates that covers up all genres of fire extinguishing installations: stationary, in complex extinguishing installations, mobile, for fresh or sea water, in a wide variety of sizes and with numerous accessories.

Protect your facilities and enjoy the tranquility.

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